About Dymo

Dymo has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing addressing, labelling and marking equipment. This is an American company which specialises exclusively in labelling and mobile printers. Dymo label printers, plastic label printers, embossing label-makers and accessories have revolutionised how business entities and individuals worldwide organise space around them. Dymo printers are intended both for professionals and standard consumers.

The company was established in California in 1958 and was the first company to introduce personal embossing label-makers for home and office labelling. In 1990, DYMO started to offer the largest and most successful business segment: portable electronic battery-powered label printers. With its high-quality printing and features such as digital displays, built-in keyboards and formatting functions, Dymo has gained popularity all over the world. Nowadays -keeping with the times - Dymo has brought a variety of facilities into its products such as: portable printers with a touch screen, desktop address and transport labelling printers, which e.g. get connected with a laptop via Wi-Fi. Recently, Dymo has also expanded its electrical installation department. Up-to-date, portable XTL printers, which get connected to computers, can serially print markings for cables, patch panels, matrix switchers, electronic cabinets or temperature- and chemical-resistant labels.

DymoShop keeps an eye on emerging technical innovations and advises its customers on the most advantageous solutions.