Label printer Dymo LetraTag® LT-100H

Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0884020
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Small, sleek and portable, the handheld LetraTag 100H is the ideal label maker for your home. It prints on a variety of coloured labels, plus adds features like multiple font styles, underlining, bolding, text sizing and more.


Features and benefits

  • Ergonomic design
  • Large display with up to 15 characters, allowing you to edit labels before printing
  • Navigation buttons for quick access to advanced features
  • Memory for 9 labels
  • Print in two lines
  • 5 character sizes
  • 5 font sizes, 8 border styles
  • 195 symbols
  • Drop shadow, outline, italic, vertical print
  • Automatic shutdown, energy saving
  • Timestamp function
  • Multilingual RACE technology
  • Powered by four AA batteries (not included)
Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0884020
Best for: Files & binders, Office organisation, Home organisation
Printer type: portable
Compatible labels: Letra Tag 12mm
Type of power supply: AA batteries (not included)

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