Industrial Embossing Labelmaker RHINO M1011

Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0720090
€435.20 €381.60 Save up to €53.60
The industrial-strength Rhino™ M1011 embosses 12 mm stainless steel and aluminum labels – with or without adhesive – that resist extreme weather, temperature, chemical and UV exposure. This tough, durable embosser features an easy-to-use label cutting handle that cuts square or rounded edges, hole and cable tie punches, a trailing-edge measuring gauge, and a rugged cast-aluminum frame to withstand tough working conditions. With a deep emboss to ensure excellent character legibility, the Rhino™ M1011 is every bit as tough and durable as the labels it creates.

Create 12 mm stainless steel and aluminum labels
Create hanging, screw-on or nail-on labels with built-in hole and cable-tie punches
Accurately set the length of leading and trailing label edge with a built-in measuring gauge
Cut square or rounded edges effortlessly with an easy-to-use cutting handle
Print mirror script labels with included reverse-image character wheel

Package includes M1011 Label Embosser
Horizontal Character Wheel
Reverse Image Character Wheel
Non-Adhesive Aluminum Labels Roll 12 mm x 3.5 m
Non-Adhesive Stainless Steel Labels Roll 12 mm x 5 m
Hard Carry Case

Warranty Information: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0720090
Best for: Facilities & MRO, Safety signatures, Electrical markings
Printer type: Embossing labelmakers
Compatible labels: Taśmy aluminiowe/stalowe wytłaczane
  • m1011 label embosser<br/>horizontal character wheel<br/>reverse image character wheel<br/>non-adhesive aluminum labels roll 12 mm x 3.5 m<br/>non-adhesive stainless steel labels roll 12 mm x 5 m<br/>hard carry case<br/>

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