Embossing Labelmaker Junior

Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0717900
€10.80 €8.60 Save up to €2.20

This embosser is so simple to use, you'll actually have fun with it. Just use the turn and click mechanism and try your hand at creating attractive embossed labels for almost anything that calls out for organisation: like your child's notebooks or toy closet, or your garage workshop, CD cases, even files, binders and folders for important documents. Great for kids' projects, too. Make your words and numbers stick on 9 mm wide embossing tape that's pre-loaded for your convenience.

ABS construction is particularly long-lasting
Easy to load tape cassette
Turn and click is ergonomically designed for comfortable use by adults and children
Incorporated tab-cutting for easy removal of the protective tape-backing
No batteries required

Package includes 9 mm Black Embossing Label Cassette
Instruction Manual


Producer: Dymo
catalog No.: S0717900
Best for: Files & binders, Office organisation, Home organisation
Printer type: Embossing labelmakers
  • 9 mm black embossing label cassette<br/>junior<br/>instruction manual<br/>

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